It went from me again. I let it go. It was the third time tonight. I was falling asleep but I needed to take a shower, so I did, and then I wasn’t so sleepy anymore. Then I called a friend and played some music and it left me then too. This time, I committed my little sin, and got mad at myself a little, and got mad again when I didn’t cry. I wanted to cry. I want to cry every time I let it happen. I didn’t want to watch another drama episode. I’d been doing that for weeks, and I wanted to stop for a while so I could take care of my life a bit. I went on YouTube instead, and watched clips of the episodes I had just seen. I realized that my eyes were wide open. I wasn’t sleepy. It’s a quarter to three just about, and just like every other night, my body is weak. My body is tired, but my mind won’t let it rest.


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