Daily Prompt: World’s Best Widget

The machine that can take my mother’s scars away
And gather her tears to use as balm
Is the one I would create
If I had the power in my palm.

My sister is a beauty,
Precious and rare,
But “you’re stupid”
And “what’s wrong with you?”
Are the only words she can hear.

My poor father
Was strong once
And I thought he was the world.
But now his veins and heart
Are ready to unfurl.

Time used to be sweet
As we tasted it with our tongues,
But it has truly become bitter
In our stomachs
And now we long

For peace, the peace that we once had,
And our hair is falling out.
We can be nothing but sad

As we wait in silent hope
For everything to get better,
Being almost certain
The only change
Is in the weather.

And yet we wait
For some flower to bloom,
Some new scent to fill the air
And make us forget our gloom.

But what if nothing comes

And we forever stay the same?
What if the change we’re hoping for
Never sees the light of day?


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