At first I wrote because I could,
And I would feel good when I was done.

Then I wanted to share,
And I did,
And some hearts fell.

But then I started to worry.
I thought I needed more.
I need more hearts,
I need more love.
Will they like it?
What will they think?

And so my self gave way
Beneath the stampede
Of my thoughts,
My anxieties
And frantic worrying
About what other people thought.

That’s why I came here.
I’m trying to start again,
To write for me,
To let my heart flow out,
And do so freely.

I will counts the hearts
That come to me
I know,
But I’ll try hard
Not to fall.

I’ll try hard 
Not to fall for them
And think that they love me,
Or they don’t.
I’ll just write,
Because I need to.
I really need to,
But I also need someone to hear me.

So even though I don’t know who you are,
Please hear me.


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