This used to be my playground,
My solace and safe haven.
It was wide open, but all of it was mine,
And I was free to roam
As I pleased.

Rocks and dirt,
Flowers and bees,
Big blue sky, and bright sun.
Until scales fell from my eyes,
And I heard my mother cry,
And daddy decided
That this was the last time.

We were moved again.
The same strange land as before.
The same strange language,
And strange people
I didn’t understand.
Strange people that looked nothing like me.

Suddenly the world became so small,
And I couldn’t see the sun anymore.
The clouds I had floated on
Had disappeared as well.
My magic carpet was gone,
And I had to use cold metal
With wheels

My flowers were blown away.
I never again saw bees.
I was enclosed by walls.
No windows, no breeze.
No air,
Can’t breathe.
But must live on.

I can’t stop,
Though I want to.


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